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Nobel Arts

Based out of Montreal and founded in 1985, the Nobel brand has made itself known with artists of all kinds throughout Canada. An artist go-to for its affordability and reliable quality, the re-invigorated Nobel Brand aims to curate and broaden its range of products designed by artists, for artists.

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Featured Artists

Robert Johnson

Nobel presents Robert Johnson! A very accomplished painter with a career spanning a lifetime. Robert Johnson has painted more than 3000 pieces and has been exhibited worldwide. He has a painting at the Vatican and Yoko Ono has collected some of his works. He now paints at a studio space located in his own gallery in the town of Magog, Quebec, Canada. He is best known for his horse paintings, which have been featured as highlights in the world touring spectacle "Cavalia".

Alexia McKindsey

Nobel is delighted to present Alexia Mckindsey in this video series. Alexia McKindsey is a Montreal based artist born in 1996 whose work investigates the potential of domestic spaces and its artifacts. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in 2020, she works predominantly with oil painting, tempera, and paper. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries across Montreal. Alexia McKindsey’s practice derives from the spaces she’s inhabited; spaces rich in significance and familial narrative. McKindsey is interested in how our homes reflect the collective memory and mythologies spanning the generations of a family. Pulling from the physical facades, archives and relics found in these domains, she maps out the physical progression of time and tradition that encompasses these dwellings. Contrasting and combining these elements allow for nonlinear representations of memory, space, and time spanning multiple eras and members of a family. 

Daniel Itiose

Nobel is proud to present Daniel Itiose as the first artist for this series. Daniel Itiose is a hyper-realist whose work consists of the exploration of the human condition and how it shapes and molds our appearances as individuals with a main focus on portraiture. The gaze from the subjects tells a story in silence. The distribution of marks and brushstrokes on a flat surface to create a three-dimensional subject with the help of photography while subtracting the fictitiousness that often comes with it. Rather than beautifying the subject, he illustrates them as they really are; hair, skin and pores. This latter is depicted in a very detailed fashion, due to the meticulousness involved in the process.