Papier de riz Jia Xuan (motif soie rouge) - 26" x 36"

FC 30-310

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  • Forme de surface
  • Taille de surface
  • Matériel de papier
  • Marque
  • Couleur

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These rice papers are the greatest and finest quality for watercolour, printing, collage, paper craft, Chinese painting and bodbinding. Rice papers are handmade with methods dating back thousands of years. Acid free, they are the ideal materials for any kind of inks and colours. The paper has a unique absorbency, which allows easy expression of shades, dark ink and colours.


Surface Attributes
Forme de surface Rectangle
Taille de surface 26 x 36"
Matériel de papier Rice
Other Attributes
Marque Nobel
Couleur Red