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NB 168

Stella Series

A favorite of many renown artists!

  • Synthetic white Taklon
  • Short-handle
  • Suited for all paint mediums

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NB 177

Comet Series

Trusted by arts industry to the aerospace industry!

  • Golden synthetic Taklon
  • Short-handle
  • Suited for watercolor, ink, acrylic, tempera and gouache

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CN 755

Connoisseur Series

A go-to professional-grade, but affordable hog hair brush!

  • Unbleached natural hog hair
  • Long-handle
  • Suited for oil and acrylic paint

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ET 577, ET 579, ET 582

Eterna Series

An affordable series made for students and beginners!

  • Chinese hog bristle, assembled by hand
  • Long-handle and short-handle
  • Suited for oil and acrylic paint

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Brush Washers

NB 405-2N

Stainless Steel Brush Washer

Perfect for cleaning and maintaining brushes

NB 405-101, NB 405-102

Stainless Steel Brush Washer with Air-Tight Lid

Made for plein air painting

NB 405-6

Sturdy Plastic Brush Washer

Perfect for cleaning and maintaining brushes for those using watercolor and acrylic paint

Painting Accessories

FC 520-4

Bamboo Mat Brush Roll with Cloth Slots

Ideal for protecting and transporting brushes

NB 63C

100% Triple Primed Cotton Canvas Roll

A sturdy cotton canvas that is tripled primed with acrylic gesso and finished with a protective fourth layer. Comes in three different weights

FC 333

Canvas Pliers

Comes in two sizes to facilitate canvases stretching

NB 408-1

FloLine Detail Bottles with Metal Tip

Set of three 15 ml squeeze bottles with varying stainless steel tip sizes that can be used for fine detail work with paint, glue, ceramic, candy making, cake decoration, modeling and more



Comes in a pack of three

NB 404-50C

Plastic goblets with Lids

A pack of 12 transparent plastic paint cups with lids to preserve paints and mediums.


NB 8045-4B

Portable Aluminum Table Easel

A light-weight folding easel that accommodates canvases with up to an 18" height

NB 804-8C

Portable Tabletop Easel

Made of varnished elm, this easel features a built-in wooden carrying handle to carry up to two freshly painted canvases. Wing nuts allow it to adjust to different canvas heights

NB 804-4

H-Frame Table Easel

Made of sturdy beechwood for a rich natural finish, this lightweight mini tabletop easel folds up for easy transport and accommodates canvases up to 12" in height

NB 804-110, NB 804-110P

Lyre Easel

A classic Lyre easel that comes in beechwood or pine and accommodates canvases up to 12" in height


NB 407-6

Ceramic Flower Style Palette

A hand-glazed, pure white porcelain flower shaped palette with 7 wells

NB 801-2, NB 801-3, NB 801-4, NB 801-5a, NB 801-6

Easy Peel Off Palettes

A non-stick palette that is ideal for acrylic and oil painting. Dried paint can be easily peeled off or rubbed off with warm water and a sponge. Comes in various sizes and palette types

NB 404-912LP, 404-1216LP

Fresh Paint Palette

A built-in palette system to keep your paints fresh and moist. Fitted with a special air-tight cover and a disposable palette, your paint stays in perfect condition for days or even weeks

NB 801-2, NB 801-3, NB 801-4, NB 801-5a, NB 801-6

Wooden Oval Shape 

A classic wooden palette

NB 406-2

10-Well Round Aluminum Palette

A classic round well palette with superior durability over plastic

NB 801-2, NB 801-3, NB 801-4, NB 801-5a, NB 801-6

13-Well Palette Tray with a Transparent Cover

A classic plastic palette that will better preserve and keep your paints from drying as you work

Drawing Materials


Classic Drawing Set

A 14-piece set with all the essentials to get you started

NB 707012

Drawing Pencils Set

A set of 12 pencils ranging from 4H to 8B

NB 7001-S3

Woodless Charcoal Set

A set of professional-grade soft, medium and hard woodless charcoal pencils

TN ST-10

Manga Pen and Ink Set

A set of 5 classic manga nibs, waterproof black ink and a universal nib holder

TN ST-10

Erasing Shield

A flexible stainless-steel erasing shield that is fitted with 26 holes of varying shapes and sizes to allow for precise erasing

NB 1100S

Sandpaper Block

A versatile tool for sharpening woodless pencils and blending stumps


Drawing Accessories Set

A 14-piece set with all the essentials for shading and erasing

NB 882-18120

Deluxe Pencil Case

A folding case that can hold up to 120 pencils

Drawing Accessories


Drawing Board with Parallel Edge

A 24" or 36" wood fiberboard and melamine drawing surface comes with a parallel edge that can be easily adjusted to different paper sizes and thicknesses

NB 601

Assorted Mannequins

Hardwood female and male mannequins of varying sizes

NB 881-523, NB 527, NB 532, NB 544

Waterproof Lightweight Non-Woven Portfolio

An economical carrying case for canvas, frames and works on paper that comes in various sizes

NB 1101

Expandable Telescopic Drawing Tube

Comes in various sizes and facilitates transport of drawing

TN 102

Circle Templates

A flexible 39-hole circle template made for precise work with mechanical pencils or pens


Geometry Set

A complete 4-piece geometry set


Krystal Seal Bags

A 25-pack archival photo and drawing bags for short and long-term protection of valuable art that comes in 14 sizes

NB SX96-1, NB SX98-1,  FC SX723

Ratchet Lock Cutters

Cutters of varying strength and blade size

TN 112V4, TN 112V4-LED

Magnifier Lamp

With a built-in 3 diopter magnifying lens and clip-on feature, this lamp illuminates your work station and allows you to better focus on your work

Ceramics & Modelling Supplies


Classic Modelling Tool Set

A 14-piece set with all the essentials to get you started

TG 4

Burnisher Set

A double ball tipped aluminum burnisher to use with graphic arts, letter transferring, shaping and molding

NB PL-1, NB PL-5

Plaster Cloth

Made of pre-shrunk cotton gauze fabric infused with Plaster of Paris, it can be activated with water and manipulated to any form. It can be sanded when dry and comes in rolls of 1 or 5 pounds

Printmaking Supplies


Breeze Cut Lino Blocks

A firm rubber carving block for professional use

NB 33AB, 33AB-6

Acrylic Roller

A classic, firm. acrylic roller with a stainless steel handle

NB 200-232

Wood Carving Knives with Whetstone

A multi-use set of 10 professional-grade Japanese Carbon Steel  of varying shapes with a whetstone for sharpening

NB 302-115

Handmade Dan Xuan Rice Paper

A roll of 8, 12" x 54" acid-free, handmade rice paper sheets of the finest quality using a method that dates back thousands of years

Ink Supplies

NB 200-232

Zhonghua and Sumi-e Black Liquid Ink

A ready-made superior quality, but economical black ink made from selected carbon and gelatin for ink painting and calligraphy

NB 202-2

Convenient Black dry Ink

A dense and permanent black ink stick in the form of a ready-made block that you can dip your brush into and paint from, no grinding required!

Animation Supplies

AN 2-18

Animation Paper

A set of 250, 180 lbs bond, 12 field animation paper punched to industry standard ACME style peg bar holes

NB 202-2

Animation Peg Bar

An ACME standard peg bar that coms in student-grade plastic or professional-grade stainless steel

Craft Supplies


Scratch-Art Paper

A set of 10 stretchable sheets that reveal a multi-colored surface along with a scratching tool

NB 202-2

Synthetic Brush Set for Kids

A set of three synthetic brushes with a soft foam grip for use with all paint mediums

NB C811-1

Construction Paper

A set of 50, 90 gsm sheets of 10 assorted colors

NB M912

Marker Pad

A set of 40, 110 gsm sheets made especially for markers