New Arrivals

We consistently work to source the newest products available on the market!


Mini Portable Ceramic Palette

An ultra-compact set of two durable magnesia ceramic palettes with 12 wells for color and two wells for mixing that fit neatly into a metal-tin circular case. This set is built for the artist on-the-go and for those who enjoy plein air painting with watercolor.


DIY your own portable pan palette by filing the 12 wells with watercolor paint straight from the tube. Leave out to dry and once fully dried, stack your palettes in the metal case and bring it along with you to use in your next painting session. Use the paints as you would a pan palette by rewetting the colors with your brush and painting from it.



Soft Speedy-Carve Lino Blocks

This carving block is a go-to for both beginner and experienced printmakers. The super soft, eraser-like texture of the block allows for safe and easy carving.

  • This carving block works well with any style. From simple to detailed carving, the user can effortlessly create their own custom stamps or printing blocks in school or at home.
  • Suitable with both water-soluble and oil-based block printing inks.
  • Can accept transfers from laser printers, inkjet printers, clip art and newspaper.
  • The block's material will not crack or crumble.

NB MS-011S, M, L, 108AUI-2

​Water Reservoir Brush

A synthetic brush with a rechargeable reservoir that can hold water or ink, perfect for transport and facilitating your painting process. Use it with watercolor, water-styled colors and ink at any time or any place without the need for any additional equipment.


  • A brush tip made of durable nylon that holds its point, provides sensitive response for delicate lines or pools of colors and withstands wear and usage.
  • You can control the ink or waterflow with just a squeeze of the barrel. 
  • Two uses allows you to blend your paints with water or add ink to barrel for fast, easy, and fun painting.
  • Made for use with solid colors or powdered pigment.


​Handmade Jumbo Soft Pastels

Handmade, jumbo soft pastel that are made of the finest quality pigments and raw materials.

NB 6031B

​Cotton Watercolor Canvas

An alternative surface for your watercolors, this canvas provides a superior surface to paper, offering better paint acceptance and longevity.


  • This watercolor canvas is made of fine long fiber cotton yarn that is tightly woven, and weighs 250 gram per squares meter.
  • The wood frame is made of fine paulownia wood, dried to ensure the firm structure of finished frame without any warping or twisting. The frame has a 5/8" thickness.
  • The canvas has a special acid-free coating formula of designed with patented techniques: the primer is grinded iteratively by high-speed colloid mill to reach NANO degree super fineness, which creates an innovative excellent surface to accept watercolor paint.
  • It better expresses the transparency and vividness of the paint better than watercolor paper does.
  • The paint on this watercolor canvas can be easily erased for modifications or to fix mistakes. You can even scour off the whole painting and create a new artwork


  • The canvas format allows you to skip the framing process but providing a sturdy and stable surface. The edges of this canvas can also be fully painted to enhance its display without framing.
  • If left unframed without glass or any other interlayer, it is recommended that the painting be finished with an artist quality UV protectant varnish. 


​Portable Watercolor Fan Pan Set

The Fan Pan palette is the newest achievement in compact and portable watercolor media as it allows artists to paint anywhere and anytime. Featuring a series of seven slats with integrated, concentrated watercolor pans that fit into each other and easily fan out, it allows an artist to hold a complete set of colors in one hand! 

This set also includes our water reservoir brush.

FC 703-R3S

Soft Silicone Rib Set

Use these silicone ribs for contouring, smoothing and scraping clay and other modeling materials. They are easy to grip and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. These soft silicone provide flexibility and pliability.

This set comes packaged in an OPP bag.


Watercolor Pencils with Utility Box

A set of 12 watercolor pencils that comes with a wooden utility box, great for artists on the go.

Use the pencils like regular coloring pencils, and paint over them with water to blend and create a watercolor effect.

NB 805-7

Artist Sketch Box

A sturdy  11.5" x 17.5" x 2.25" beechwood artist box with several compartments to hold paintbrushes, pencils, a sketchbook, paints, art accessories and more.

 NB CA-1

Canvas Holder

A beechwood canvas holder that can carry up to 6 different or same size canvases of a maximum height of 26''.

NB SK9510

Spiral Binding Pad for Sketching

Professional-grade, acid free sketch pads that measure 9.5" x 10" (26 cm x 27 cm|) at 95lbs (160 gsm).

FC 703-10SM

Small Modelling Tools

A set of 10 small beechwood modelling tools with unique uses.

FC 7088-12B

Triangular Drawing Pencils

Triangular shaped drawing pencils that conform to  ASTM D-4236.