Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you sell to?

In order to open an account and place orders with us, you must be a registered retailer or reseller, have the capacity to buy in bulk, and recognized by local artists as a business. We do not sell to individual resellers who wish to sell our products on 3rd party websites such as Amazon. 

How can I open an account with you?

Please fill out our form found in the ''Order From Us'' at the Top Right corner. We will reach out to you with the next steps.

Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We do not have an MOQ, however we only accept orders with a minimum purchase of $200 CAD.

How can I place an order?

We are no longer accepting orders via phone call. You may send us your order via Fax or E-mail, with the following information:

Item #, brief description, quantity required

You may also place an order directly on our website, which we recommend, as you will have some visibility on stock, and this method will be quicker, and have lower chances of misunderstandings. 

To do so, you must login to your account (please reach out to us if you do not have a login), and the "Shop"  button will pop up on the top left. Through it, you will be able to access our range of product with your price list. 

What happens if an item is missing from my order?

We will cross-reference with the information on our end. It is uncommon that an order is missing an item because the order is picked and packed by 2 separate people. We also keep a tight inventory control, so we will be able to see if there is additional stock in our warehouse that are unaccounted for. If by then the item is still not found, we will come to a consensus with you on next steps.

What do I do if my shipment arrives with damaged items?

Please ensure that you take photographic proofs of the packaging and exterior, as well as the damaged item, so that we may claim it with the carrier if necessary. You will be provided with a credit note. 

Is shipping included?

No, shipping is not included. 

What are your methods of shipment?

We can ship Collect through the carrier of your choice with your Account #.

We can also ship your order Prepaid. We are currently partnered with a shipping aggregator to bring you the lowest rates. We pack your orders as tightly as possible, as to save you on shipping. 

Where do you currently ship to?

We currently provide shipping all across Canada and the US. Please do be mindful of import fees when purchasing from the US.

What happens if my item arrives damaged?

We check all our fragile items before shipping. If it arrives damaged, we will submit a claim with the carrier. Please ensure that you have provided us with photos of the packaging and damaged item. 

Do I have a special payment term if I place multiple orders in a month?

There is a net 30 days policy for payment on all your orders. 

How can I pay?

We currently accept cash on pickup, cheque, e-transfer, and direct deposit. We operate with RBC.

How do I switch Languages?

The Website language is determined by the language of your browser. You can switch languages manually at the bottom of our page. 

Who designed your Website banner?

 Our website banner is designed by Mienar.

Who are you?

We are a family-run businesses that has been in the industry for over 25 years. 

Why should we buy from you?

All the items found on our website are stored in our warehouses and read to ship. Every single item has been selected to satisfy artists' needs. As a leader in the industry in Canada, we have a strong network of reliable manufacturers across Asia, and we can confidently be added to your supply chain. We provide extremely personalized services, and are always ready and at your disposal for your needs.

We have a repertoire of satisfied repeat customers who have come to rely on our services, and we hope to one day be a part of your team!