World-class brushes at economic rates

AQ 169, AQ 711, AQ 7110

Aquaflex Series

Our Aquaflex series was created for the artist and has contributed to the accessibility of quality art supplies in Montreal and subsequently all over Canada since 1996.


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CN 755

Connoisseur Series

A professional grade brush series made 100% from natural non-bleached hair, ideal for acrylic or oil painting. Connoisseur is a go-to brush for any artist looking to achieve the most realistic results.


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NB 855

Imperial Series

Unbleached, hand-picked Chongqing bristle with deep long flags. Considered the best hog brush for oil and acrylic painting.


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NB 338

Gold Series

Our Gold paintbrush series is a luxurious, high-quality brush made from the finest red sable hair. It is assembled with a 24k gold plated, seamless brass ferrule to make it stronger and more durable.


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NB 336

Gold (Merit) Series

A worthy alternative to our Gold Series, these brushes are made with Golden synthetic hair, making it more versatile to its sister series. Ergonomic triangular grip with nickel plated seamless brass ferrule.


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NB 336

Twilight Series

Our Twilight series are artist paintbrushes designed for professional use. Made from the innovative synthetic nylon hair Interlon, its interlocked hairs offer fantastic resilience and control.


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NB 177

Comet Series

Our Comet series is perfect for watercolor, tempera, and acrylic. Used from the arts industry to the aerospace industry, you can count on its fineness and Taklon material for increased durability and reliability on top of its affordability.


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NB 168

Stella Series

And the stars blinked, as they watched her carefully, jealous of the way she shone.

             - Atticus

This series has been deemed a favorite by many renowned artists for its durability and usability especially for acrylic.


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NB 737

Aquarius Series

A mix of pony and black ox hair, a perfect blend of resilience and absorption. Ideal for watercolor.


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NB 733B

Eclipse Series

Our Eclipse series is a red synthetic haired brush that has a vibrant spring in the hairs.  A wonderful long handled brush made to the highest specifications, Eclipse is perfect for acrylic painting techniques.


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ET 577, ET 579, ET 582

Eterna Series

Our Eterna series is made of Chinese hog bristles, assembled by hand. This economical set meets a wide range of techniques, perfect for students and beginners. The Chinese Hog Bristles are well known for their stiffness and paint retention.


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