Connoisseur - pinceau à manche long en poils de porc, angle #3/4

CN 755A-3/4

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    A professional grade brush series made from 100%natural hog hair, ideal for acrylic or oil painting. The Connoisseur is a go-to brush for any artist looking for a high-quality hog hair brush at an affordable price range. Hog hair bristle possesses a superior paint retention with heavy-body acrylic and oil paints. The natural hair is more absorbent than synthetic filament, which allows paint to flow evenly onto the bristle tufts, resulting in smooth, even strokes. Connoisseur has been used in fine art galleries and exhibitions for years. If you're looking for an affordable hog hair brush that will last a long time with proper care, this is it! With hair filaments more flexible than traditional hog hair, this brush has increased versatility, making it a go-to brush for all painting practices from realism to abstraction.


    Paintbrush Attributes
    Longueur de pinceau Long Handle
    Taille du pinceau 3/4"
    Forme de pinceau Angled
    Brush Hair Hog
    Médium de peinture Huile, Acryiique
    Other Attributes
    Marque Nobel
    Sans catégorie
    Brush Series Connoisseur