Changfeng Langhao, pinceau à poils en martre mélangée

FC 123-1

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8,30 $

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  • Longueur de pinceau
  • Brush Hair
  • Forme de pinceau
  • Taille du pinceau
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Marque

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  • Bristles: the combination of sable hair bristles offers a balance of softness and firmness, providing control and versatility in brushwork
  • Versatile application: the brush is suitable for various artistic techniques (calligraphy, ink painting, and watercolor)
  • Strokes: the mixed sable hair bristles enable artists to create precise and smooth strokes with ease


Paintbrush Attributes
Longueur de pinceau Short Handle
Brush Hair Sable
Forme de pinceau Round
Taille du pinceau #1
Médium de peinture Aquarelle, Encre
Other Attributes
Marque Nobel