100% belette de Sibérie, pinceau en bambou Madake, qualité supérieure

FC 166-302

    Cette combinaison n'existe pas.

    Select Premium Grade - Made purely 100% of Lang Hao Hair (Siberian Weasel).Handle is made of Premium Madake Bamboo (Japanese Timber Bamboo, Phyllostachys bambusoides)Each hair is carefully hand selected and combined to provide these luxurious brushes with pointed tips with incredible springiness, extremely high water retention, and unbelievable durability. When well cared for, each brush will last for many years and retain its original shape and springiness.Each brush comes in a luxurious golden silk cloth oriental gift box with thick velvet interior. Brush is used for calligraphy and water color. Brush Care:Completely wash ink off with lukewarm water, gently dry hair with absorbent cloth and dry upside down.Sizes:Small (FC 166-301) - Visible Hair: 7mm diam, 49mm long (Handle = 20.5cm)Medium (FC 166-303) - Visible Hair: 8mm diam, 40mm long (Handle = 20.5cm)Large (FC 166-304) -Visible Hair: 10mm diam, 47mm long (Handle = 20.5cm)


    Paintbrush Attributes
    Longueur de pinceau Long Handle
    Taille du pinceau Small
    Forme de pinceau Round
    Brush Hair Sable
    Médium de peinture Aquarelle, Encre
    Other Attributes
    Marque Nobel