pinceau à pochoir robuste - #2

FC 289-2

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  • Longueur de pinceau
  • Brush Hair
  • Forme de pinceau
  • Taille du pinceau
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Marque

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6'' handle length

  • Stiff bristles: hog bristles are stiff and resilient, making them ideal for stencil work that requires firm pressure
  • Stencil brush: it is specifically designed with a flat end that fits neatly into stencil openings, ensuring clean and sharp edges
  • Short handle: offers control and maneuverability, making it easier to navigate around the stencil and achieve accurate results
  • Durability: hog bristles are resilient and durable, making the brush suitable for repeated use and handling various types of paints and mediums
  • Versatility: this brush can also be used for other techniques that require precise control and crisp edges


Paintbrush Attributes
Longueur de pinceau Short Handle
Brush Hair Hog
Forme de pinceau Stencil
Taille du pinceau #2
Médium de peinture Huile, Acryiique
Other Attributes
Marque Nobel