Palette d'aquarelle hermétique à 20 compartiments - 9" x 13"

FC 404-30

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    These 9 x 13" palettes are ideal for watercolor and keeps paint fresh with the airtight seal cover. Great for travel.Palettes ideale pour l'aquarelle, elle dispose de nombreuses palettes avec godets et plateaux melangeurs.404-3020 wells compartments404-4020 slanted wells for color plus 1 large mixing paletteBrush Storage Instructions:Place your brush in the cover, then put the palette over them. You can put the cover over the box and close it. You are now ready to paint and your brush will be safely protected during travelling!Notice: Don't keep wet brushes inside the palette. Since the box is airtight, brushes will not fully dry. It is better to remove them as soon as you return to let them dry in an open space.


    Matériel de palette Plastic / Acrylic
    Médium de peinture Tempera, Gouache, Encre, Aquarelle
    Forme de palette Rectangle
    Other Attributes
    Marque Nobel