Roue de sculpture de table - 7"

FC 703-16618

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Also called a decorating wheel, the turntable can be used for creating bands of colour with slip, underglaze or stains; for sgraffito techniques; for brushing or spraying glazes on in an even coating; and for airbrushing areas or blending colours. 

As well as the many methods of decorating ceramics, the wheel can also be used for handbuilding clay techniques using coil and slab building as well as altering forms with carving. 

This tabletop turntable can be used for painting stripes onto pottery as you rotate the pot by hand. 

This strong wheel is constructed with grooves to allow for easy centering of the clay. 

This turn table is revolved on a bearing centred at the top of the spindle that assures smooth movement. 

The rubber base prevents skidding.