Stella - pinceau à manche court en poils synthétiques blancs - Filbert #4

NB 168FI-4

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  • Longueur de pinceau
  • Brush Hair
  • Forme de pinceau
  • Taille du pinceau
  • Brush Series
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Marque

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This series has been deemed a favorite by many renowned artists for its durability and usability. Our Stella brushes are created for the artist looking for a high-quality, reliable brush. The short handles make them ideal for travel or working horizontally. They are made with high-quality white synthetic Taklon hair that offers a smooth application of paint while maintaining their shapes even after years of use. Taklon is naturally white in its purest form and therefore possesses qualities superior to dyed Taklon. The filaments found in these brushes are polished and does not have the irregularities found in animal hair, making for highly structured, springy and sharp edged brushes that are perfect for precision.


Paintbrush Attributes
Longueur de pinceau Short Handle
Brush Hair Taklon
Forme de pinceau Filbert
Taille du pinceau #4
Brush Series Stella
Médium de peinture Acryiique, Tempera, Gouache, Encre, Aquarelle
Other Attributes
Marque Nobel