Nobel Gold pinceau à poils en martre rouge avec virole en or 24 carats et manche triangulaire - Ronde

NB 338R-6

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  • Longueur de pinceau
  • Brush Hair
  • Forme de pinceau
  • Taille du pinceau
  • Brush Series
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Médium de peinture
  • Marque

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Our Gold series is a luxurious, high-quality brush made from the finest red sable hair. It is assembled with a 24k gold plated, seamless brass ferrule to make it stronger and more durable. Its ergonomic triangle handle allows for long hours of comfortable painting sessions. This brush is crafted by meticulous craftsmen with more than 30 years of experience in the art of brush making. Sable hair is renown for its paint retention with both water-based media and oil paints. Unlike synthetic hairs that will fray over time, sable hair's body and tapered tip make it so that the brush hair will naturally retain its shape and fine point over time. It's soft properties also make it ideal for blending, glazing, coverage and fine-detail work.


Paintbrush Attributes
Longueur de pinceau Short Handle
Brush Hair Sable
Forme de pinceau Round
Taille du pinceau #6
Brush Series Gold
Médium de peinture Huile, Tempera, Encre, Aquarelle
Other Attributes
Marque Nobel