Imperial - pinceau en poils de porc à gros morceaux entrelacés purs avec manche long - Brillant #12

NB 855B-12

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    Unbleached, hand-picked Chongqing bristle with deep long flags. Considered the best hog brush for oil and acrylic painting. Our Imperial Series is a range of long handle paintbrushes made 106% from the bristles of Chinese hog from the regions of Chongqing. This high-quality bristle brush is made of hand-selected stiff and coarse hair, interlocked with each other, designed to withstand the weight and wear of oil and acrylic paints. This design allows for the most hairs per square inch of any bristle brush, and an extra-thick tuft for maximum paint load. The tip allows for exceptional control, and the interlocked heads allow for strong shape retention, making it less likely to ''splay'' in use.


    Paintbrush Attributes
    Longueur de pinceau Long Handle
    Taille du pinceau #12
    Forme de pinceau Bright
    Brush Hair Hog
    Médium de peinture Huile, Acryiique
    Other Attributes
    Marque Nobel
    Sans catégorie
    Brush Series Imperial