Eterna - pinceau à poils économique avec manche long - Ronde #4

SQ 648-4

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    Our Eterna series is made of Chinese hog bristles, assembled by hand. This economical set meets a wide range of techniques, perfect for students and beginners. The Chinese Hog Bristles are well known for their stiffness and paint retention. Our most affordable brush series, Eterna boasts a robust and reliable bristle that can withstand rigorous use with heavy-body acrylics and oils over time.


    Paintbrush Attributes
    Longueur de pinceau Long Handle
    Taille du pinceau #4
    Forme de pinceau Round
    Brush Hair Hog
    Médium de peinture Acryiique, Huile
    Other Attributes
    Marque Nobel
    Sans catégorie
    Brush Series Eterna