6mm Surgical Replacement Blades - Pack Of 5



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    Packs of 5 surgically sharp, made from the best Japanese steel.SX01TS Series (Small Blades) - 0.6cm width, 2mmx6mm openingSX01TS4-5: 2.5cm length, 0.6cm width, 6mm blade (flat shape)SX01TS5-5: 2.5cm length, 0.6cm width, 8mm (angular shape)SX01TS6-5: 3.5cm length, 0.6cm width, 25mm (dagger shape)SX02TL Series (Long Blades) - 0.9cm width, 3mmx7mm openingSX02TL2-5 : 2.5cm length, 0.5cm width, 8mm blade (pointed angular shape)SX02TL4-5: 3cm length, 1.1cm width, 11mm blade (flat shape)SX02TL5-5: 3cm length, 0.9cm width, 9mm blade (angular shape)SX02TL6-5: 3cm length, 1cm width, 27mm (dagger shape)Standard input opening (3mm x 8mm)