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Aquaflex Series

Our Aquaflex series was created for the artist and has contributed to the accessibility of quality art supplies in Montreal and subsequently all over Canada since 1996.

The brushes in this series are made to be versatile and to suit the needs of all types of professional painters. No matter the media - watercolor, ink, tempera, gouache, acrylic, or oil, the Aquaflex series stands out in its springiness (ability to hold its shape) and durability (ability to maintain a fine point under the toughest conditions).

Short-handle Series

A short-handle brush with a long history.

The 100% synthetic hair filaments allows it to hold more paint and makes it ideal for large areas of color application and thick impasto techniques.

Long-handle Series

An allergy free alternative to natural hair, this variation of the series boasting golden synthetic Taklon hair with long handle is recommended for oil and acrylic users.

An Overview of the Series

Aquaflex Brush Series Overview

The Nobel Aquaflex series is one of our classics. Created in 1996 in Montreal, this series has been an artist favorite ever since and has contributed to the accessibility of quality art materials across Canada ever since. 


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Video Demo of the Series

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