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John DOE • CEO of MyCompany

Aquarius Series

Our Aquarius Series is a favorite among watercolor artists.

Made of fully natural hair, this camel hair series comprises 70% pony hair and 30% black ox-ear hair. Its pony compound offers the paintbrush a great level of strength and resilience, with remarkable water-retention properties. The ox-ear hair, on the other hand, gives the brush a very soft texture and helps maintain the its shape well. This mix greatly enhances the versatility of the Aquarius brushes across a wide range of applications.

Short-handle Series

This unique camel blend offers the strengths and benefits of two water-retentive hairs. 

Ox-ear hair is springy and soft, but strong. It tends to lack a fine tip, which is why it is typically combined with other hair. It has phenomenal paint retention across a variety of mediums and works especially well for washes.

The pony hair used in this brush is fine and supple. It is not coarse like traditionally pony hair and it compliments the ox-ear hair by helping the brush form and maintain a point.

An Overview of the Series