Canvas + Shadow Box Frame

FC D004 Series

This product is no longer available.

Frame comes assembled with a canvas. Canvas wedges included. Available in 4 colors.

  • Shadow Box Design: Unique frame construction creates a shadow box effect, adding depth and dimension to your displayed items.
  • Depth Enhancement: Offers significant depth within the frame, allowing for layering and arranging of objects or artworks creatively.
  • Modern Visual Appeal: The shadow box effect enhances the visual impact of your displayed items, creating an eye-catching and captivating presentation.
  • Saves Time and Effort: Offers convenience by eliminating the need to resize or search for a compatible frame, providing an immediate and suitable display solution for canvas artworks.
  • All-in-One Display Option: Combines the elegance of a shadow box frame with the convenience of accommodating canvas artworks, streamlining the display process effortlessly. 


Surface Attributes
Surface Size 8 x 10" or 9 x 12" or 10 x 12" or 11 x 14" or 12 x 12" or 12 x 16" or 16 x 16" or 16 x 20" or 18 x 24" or 20 x 20" or 20 x 24"
Surface Shape Rectangle
Canvas & Panel Material Varied Set
Other Attributes
Color Natural Wood or Gold or Silver or Black
Brand Nobel
Material Wood