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Main types of rice paper:

Dan Xuan (One layer Xuan) for calligraphy and painting

Jia Xuan (Double layer Xuan) = double thickness, twice the thickness and weight of Dan Xuan, holds more moisture for paintings with lots of ink

Shu Xuan (Cooked / Hot Pressed Xuan) = less absorbant paper, less leakage effect for more detailed paintings

Sheng Xuan (Raw Xuan Paper) = best ability to absorb ink. for Calligraphy and Painting

Pi Zhi (Pi Paper, Mulberry paper or Washi) = stronger and thicker paper than Xuan paper. Machine-made.  Smooth texture, for calligraphy and sumi e/ Chinese paintings, and for mounting paper on Xuan. 

Mao Bian (Bamboo Paper) = slightly yellow, fine and smooth texture, thin and soft, low water resistance, absorbs ink well, used for calligraphy.