Goat & Sable Hair Bamboo Brush - Set Of 3 (Da Lan Zhu, Xiao Lan Zhu)


FC 108-808

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This combination does not exist.

1 x Da Lan Zhu Sable (Large)1 x Xiao Lan Zhu Sable (Small) 1 x Da yu Lan Goat (Large)Explanation for Lan Zhu:The Wolf Hao brush is literally made of Siberian Wolf Hair, using the very tip of the tail. It is made of weasel tail hair according to strict requirements. The surface of the wolf hao pen is tender yellow or yellow with reddish, shiny. If you look closely, every hair is quite upright. The waist is thick and the roots are slightly thinner. Moisten the nib and pinch it into a flat shape, and you can see that its hair is bright and light yellow.


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Short Handle
Brush Hair Camel
Brush Shape Round
Brush Size Varied Set
Medium Watercolor, Ink
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel