Rotary Cutter - Hard Blade

FC 15824

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15.50 $

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For art DIY, cutting papers, films, plastic, etc. Can easily cut through ply cloth, wallpaper, blankets, leather, polylone, etc. 

Instructions: Adopting ergonomics principle, the product is designed with a beautiful shape and anti-slip handle. It is easy to use, and helps smooth operation when you work. 

Assembly/Disassembly Diagram: You can replace the blade, assemble/disassemble the product easily by locking/unlocking screws, safety cover, round blade, and the cutter. Screw for fixing the blade: The replacement of blade can easily be done by unlocking and removing the screw. The surface of blade was specially treated and will never rust. Safety cover: To open the safety cover, just turn it clockwise. It is safe, convenient, and space saving, effectively prolonging its lifespan of usage.