100% Siberian Weasel, Madake Bamboo Brush, Premium Quality - Small


FC 166-301

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149.06 $

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  • Select Premium Grade - Made purely 100% of Lang Hao Hair (Siberian Weasel).
  • Handle is made of Premium Madake Bamboo (Japanese Timber Bamboo, Phyllostachys bambusoides)
  • Each hair is carefully hand selected and combined to provide these luxurious brushes with pointed tips with incredible springiness, extremely high water retention, and unbelievable durability.
  • When well cared for, each brush will last for many years and retain its original shape and springiness.
  • Each brush comes in a luxurious golden silk cloth oriental gift box with thick velvet interior.
  • Brush is used for calligraphy and watercolor.
  • Brush Care: Completely wash ink off with lukewarm water, gently dry hair with absorbent cloth and dry upside down.)

Sizes: Small (FC 166-301) - Visible Hair: 7mm diam, 49mm long (Handle = 20.5cm)


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Long Handle
Brush Hair Sable
Brush Shape Round
Brush Size Small
Medium Watercolor, Ink
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel
Packaging Silk Gift Box