Hero Calligraphy Pen - Fine Point, Large Point


FC 23-A3

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NB 23-A3: Fine point / pointe fine Hero #243Cartridge ink systemNB 23-A4: Medium pointNB 23-A5: Large pointInk converter system + cartridge modeNB 23-243: Set of 7Ink Converter:To fill your pen, unscrew the nib unit from the barrel. Fit the ink converter into the nib unit and push the plunger down. Immerse the nib in ink and pull the plunger out slowly. After filling, wipe away any excess ink from the nib unit.Cartridge Model:Cartridges should be loaded small end first and firmly pushed into the back of the nib unit. Alternatively place a second cartridge in the pen barrel and screw barrel onto the nib unit.Made in Hero Pen Factory, Shanghai, China.