Chinese Calligraphy Practice Pad - 8" x 8", 18 Sheets

FC 308

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    26 Pages, 1/2" squares with dotted lines. 96 squares per page. Great for practicing writing with pen and pencil. 

    Back inscription (in Chinese): Protect your eyesight, prevent myopia and general hygiene. Reading, correct writing posture, keep the distance between your eyes and the book one square foot. Keep reading for about an hour, take a short break, or adjust your eyes to something far away. Do not read in dim light and direct sunlight. Do not lie in bed and read, or read in a turbulent carriage. Wash your hands frequently and cut your nails. Take a shower and change clothes. Do not drink unfiltered water. No Spitting. Wash and maintain your hair frequently. Brush your teeth and gargle frequently. Don't eat unclean food. Don't litter.


    Surface Attributes
    Surface Size 8 x 8"
    Surface Shape Rectangle
    Paper Material Assorted
    Other Attributes
    Brand Nobel
    Color White