Folding Palette Box with 16 Wells (Large And Small Rectangular) - 10" x 10" (When Open)

FC 404-9409

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10.96 $

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    Folding Palettes Innovative plastic palettes.

    This rectangular shaped palette conveniently folds open and closes for easy storage of your paint and mixtures. It is portable, light, and has a variety of sizes and number of wells. Each is equipped with a thumb-hole plate and brush rests. 

    NB 404-9409: Folding palette box with 28 wells, 5mixing areas, 5 brush slots and thumb hole. Open 10x10, Closed 5 x10


    Palette Material Plastic / Acrylic
    Medium Watercolor, Gouache, Tempera, Ink
    Other Attributes
    Brand Nobel
    Palette Shape Rectangle