White Hog Bristle Sash Brush - 3/4"


FC 4261-4

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Nobel white bristle brushes, round with short handle, best used for oil or acrylic painting.

  • The round shape of the brush allows for a variety of painting techniques (broad strokes, blending and detailed work).
  • The firm bristles of the sash brush efficiently pick up and release paint, resulting in even coverage.
  • White hog bristles are durable and can withstand over time.
  • The rounded shape of the brush, combined with the stiffness of the bristles, provides good control and maneuverability which allows for precise brushwork and the creation of fine lines and curves.
  • Can be used for trim work, edging and cutting in, blending and shading, and control.


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Short Handle
Brush Hair Hog
Brush Shape Sash
Brush Size 3/4"
Medium Acrylic, Oil
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel