Eclipse - Red Synthetic Brush - Bright #12

FC 733B-12

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Our Eclipse series is a red synthetic haired brush with a vibrant spring. The hairs are super glossy and soft which helps achieve smooth and seamless marks. Eclipse brushes are made to the highest specification which means you will not lose hairs in your work while painting and the brush has an increased ability to maintain its shape over time. A wonderful long-handled brush, it's ideal for acrylic painting techniques. The diverse properties of this brush's hairs made it a versatile brush across mediums. Its structured body makes it well suited to heavy-body acrylics and oils, whereas its fine bristles make it well suited for water-based media like watercolor and ink.


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Long Handle
Brush Hair Nylon
Brush Shape Bright
Brush Size #12
Brush Series Eclipse
Medium Acrylic, Oil
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel