Flat Hake Brush made of Sheep Hair (High Quality) 2.5"


FC 755-4

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17.72 $

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(17.72 $ / Units)
  • Brush Length
  • Brush Hair
  • Brush Shape
  • Brush Size
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Brand

This combination does not exist.

  • Hog bristles are stiff and resilient, making them suitable for heavy-bodied paints and handling various surfaces
  • Good paint-carrying capacity allowing for efficient coverage
  • Suitable for various painting techniques (broad strokes and precise details)
  • The short handle provides better control and maneuverability
  • Easy to clean


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Short Handle
Brush Hair Goat
Brush Shape Flat
Brush Size 2.5"
Medium Oil, Acrylic
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel