Heavy Duty Table Clamp Aluminum Easel - Maximum Canvas Height of 24"


FC 8043-102

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30" Aluminium Table Easel, Heavy duty industrial mounting clamp secures easel and protects table tops. Maximum Canvas Height: 24''

This easel is made of aluminum, which provides a balance of strength and lightweight characteristics. This makes it durable enough to withstand heavy use and sturdy enough to support larger and heavier artwork.

Its table clamp feature allows the easel to be securely attached to the edge of a table or desk, providing stability and preventing unwanted movement during the creative process. The clamp has adjustable screws to accommodate various table thicknesses and ensure a tight grip.

This easel provides a secure and versatile solution for artists who prefer working on tabletop surfaces. Its sturdy construction, table clamp feature, and adjustable functions make it a reliable tool for creating art in various settings.



Easel Material Aluminium
Easel Type Table / Display
Other Attributes
Color Silver
Packaging White Box