Comet - Golden Synthetic Taklon Brush with Short Handle - Set of 16 Brushes and Brush Case

NB 16

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Lovely brush set with our COMET series. Foldable Display brush set with individual slots included. Brush case can also stand straight and act as a brush holder. Ideal for water-based paint medias! Our Comet series is perfect for watercolor, ink tempera, gouache and acrylic. Used by the arts industry, makeup, commercial and aerospace industry, you can count on its Taklon hair for increased durability and reliability. This brush series is the go-to for fine work. The durable hair will not shed while doing delicate work, and with sizes available down to 20/0, this brush allows for an incredible execution of detailed work. Boasting hair filaments that are soft, plump, and flexible, they are a worthy synthetic sable hair dupe that mimics the absorbency with just the right amount of springiness for a variety of applications.


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Short Handle
Brush Hair Taklon
Brush Shape Varied Set
Brush Size Varied Set
Brush Series Comet
Medium Acrylic, Tempera, Gouache, Ink, Watercolor
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel
Packaging Brush Case