Premium Professional Pure Red Sable Brush with Long Handle - Set of 4 Mixed Brushes

NB 414-S4F

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40.24 $

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  • Brush Length
  • Brush Hair
  • Brush Shape
  • Brush Size
  • Medium
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#2 and #4 Fine Detail Round Pure Red Sable Brush, #4 Bright Detail Pure Red Sable Brush, and #4 Fan Pure Red Sable Brush with dense Belly.??

Incredibly smooth to work with, you will feel the??resounding quality of the sable hair in these carefully crafted brushes. These fine detail brushes offer incredible spring, and the dense belly sable brushes offer a great absorption of color.??


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Long Handle
Brush Hair Sable
Brush Shape Varied Set
Brush Size Varied Set
Medium Oil
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel
Packaging Vinyl Hang Tab Pouch with Flap Opening