Eterna - White Round Hog Bristle Brush with Short Multicolored Handles - Set of 3

NB 582PS-S3

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Set of 3 Round Short Handle Bristle Brushes.

Our Eterna series is made of Chinese hog bristles, assembled by hand. This economical set meets a wide range of techniques, perfect for students and beginners. The Chinese Hog Bristles are well known for their stiffness and paint retention. Our most affordable brush series, Eterna boasts a robust and reliable bristle that can withstand rigorous use with heavy-body acrylics and oils over time.


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Short Handle
Brush Hair Hog
Brush Shape Varied Set
Brush Size Varied Set
Brush Series Eterna
Medium Oil, Acrylic
Other Attributes
Brand Nobel
Packaging Vinyl Hang Tab Pouch with Flap Opening