Aquaflex - Brown Synthetic Brushes with Long Handle - Set of 6 (Bright #2, #6, #8, Round #2, #6, Filbert #10)

NB 711-S6

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46.18 $

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    6 Brown Synthetic Brush - B2, B6, B8, R2, R6, FI10

    Advantages of this brush:

    • precise control for detailed work
    • versatile for various painting techniques
    • synthetic bristles offer durability and easy maintenance
    • comfortable handling and reduced hand denseigue
    • portable and convenient for on-the-go painting


    Paintbrush Attributes
    Brush Length Short Handle
    Brush Size Varied Set
    Brush Shape Varied Set
    Brush Hair Taklon
    Brush Series Aquaflex
    Medium Gouache, Tempera, Ink, Watercolor
    Other Attributes
    Brand Nobel
    Packaging Vinyl Hang Tab Pouch with Flap Opening