Rhapsody - Finest Quality Kolinsky Red Sable Hair Brush - #6



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Creative Mark wanted to create a watercolor brush that virtually surpassed others in their class, to offer incredible quality at a reasonable price. Using the stringent English sizing developed by Winsor & Newton?€?s in their Series 7, they use only winter coat, male tail Kolinsky hair (the bushiest and most responsive brush hair available). By following the English sizing as a template, Rhapsody Brushes boast a size 10 that is equivalent to a size 12 (or in some cases, a size 14) in other brands. Instead of tapering down the belly, the winter tail allows a full belly that extends lower, absorbing maximum amounts of color for wide washes. Rhapsody has a flawless, split-proof 3x0 point with super responsiveness, spring, and resilience, capable of the tiniest detail. Given a 5 star rating by professional watercolorists, Rhapsody brushes are finished with chrome-plated brass ferrules. Handles are black lacquered, polished and well balanced wood handles, with violet dipped ends. Rhapsody uses only winter coat, male tail Kolinsky hair (the bushiest and most responsive brush hair available) Key Features: Responsive, excellent spring Full belly for large washes Full English Watercolor Sizing Stainless chrome-plated ferrules Fine, Split-proof Points Short handle brushes Black lacquered handles, polished and well balanced wood with violet dipped ends Perfect For: Professional Watercolorists Watercolor, gouaches, inks, fluid medias Fine, controlled detail Holding large amounts of color Kolinsky Watercolor brush enthusiasts Can use with oil paints by mainly for watercolors


Paintbrush Attributes
Brush Length Long Handle
Brush Hair Sable
Brush Shape Round
Brush Size #6
Medium Watercolor, Oil, Ink
Other Attributes
Brand Rhapsody