Vinyl Roll Drawing Table Cover - 5 Ply, 30" x 42"

TN TDB-3042

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    Vinyl Drawing Board Cover (table not included)Specifically designed to protect drafting board. Five plies of formulated vinyl create a unique self-heating drawing foundation that will not be damaged by compass point and other sharp instruments. Easily clean with a dam cloth or sponge.Available size / Format disponibleTN TDB-4210R (roll / rouleau) 106cm x914cm (42 10Y)TN TDB-3610R (roll / rouleau) 91cm x 914cm (36 10Y TN TDB-3010R (roll / rouleau) 76cm x 914cm (30 10Y)TN TDB-3042 (sheet / feuille) 76cm x 107cm (30 42 TN TDB-3648 (sheet / feuille) 91cm x 121cm (36 48